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Unlock Blackberry 10: (Z3 - Z10 - Z30 - Q5 - Q10 -P'9983

Unlock Blackberry DTEK 50 - Priv- Passport - Classic - Leap with PRD 59182-013/051 . .)  and Blackberry OS: Playbook 3G/4G LTE - P'9981 - P'9982 - P'9983- 99xx-98xx-97xx-96xx-95xx-93xx-92xx-91xx-89xx-88xx-87xx-7xxx

Contact BBM PIN: 7BE140A4 on Blackberry Priv



Latest News:

More 707.800 devices ( Blackberry - iPhone - Samsung - LG - HTC - Sony - Motorola - Nokia . . .) is unlocked from 20/1/2013 to 30/11/2016. Update: Unlock Note 5, S6e plus with best price time processing for unlock Blackberry Priv 10 is 6-12 hours. Unlock your Samsung S6/ S6 edge and iPhone 6s, 6s plus with best price. Admin .

Tech News:

Update: 19/04/2016: Lauching Mi 6 - you can see here:

Update: 08/01/2016:

* Keyboard of Vietnamese work fine. You can download and install file here or email to me. I will send you file now. You can see here

* List of working Blackberry Priv APKs: BlackBerry Services, Camera, Keyboard of and Launcher apps all updated for Priv you can down load here and here 

* MODs-Any Android- BlackBerry Priv (BB HUB, Keyboard, Contacts, Note, Mail Exchange..) by entrysky -xda developers, you can see and do step by step  here

Older post : You can see in the end of page.
 President Obama Forgets Blackberry At Home

More 707.500 device ( Blackberry - iPhone - Samsung - LG - HTC - Sony - Motorola -  Nokia  . . .) is unlocked from 20/1/2013 to 30/16/2016

Update price $9,99 for code unlock New MEP 2014:  04598-007, MEP 04104-009 with PRD: 39472-007, 39473 -101, 53470-114, 53470-107, 53722-006, 49557-001  . . . 

Codes Calculation Request Form:  

You payment by paypal and have code (Click buy now and  payment )
 Instantly in 10 - 30 seconds 

Price for unlock Blackerry Passport - Classsic - Leap is $24,99 US
Contact by BBM: 2AB07F7E 

Update PRD of Blackerry 10 (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z3, Z30)
(Price for code unlock is $24,99 US )
  Time processing is 6- 12 hour
PRD: 45184-001,45184-009, 45184-010, 49737-022, 46163-061, 49737-042, 45184-006, 45184-003,46184-018, 49737-001, 53409-005, 53241-001, 49737-001, 51889-032, 50656-006, 46163-049, 53402-002, 54914-001, 52007-001, 54914-005, 45184-018, 53889-039, 52977-060, 53402-001, 54914-001, 55867-003, 53409 -091, 50657-030, 46184-003, 53409-002,  50656-009, 54607-021, 45184-023, 53409-032, 54914-003, 49737-700, 53409-112, 53432-070, 54606-002, 49737-040 . . .

Update 2015

iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4s - iPhone 5/5C/5S - iPhone 6- iPhone 6 Plus forever  with best price.

UNLOCK YOUR  Nokia Lumia - Alcatel - Huawei - HTC - Motorola - Pantech - Sony Ericsson . . forever  

Contact: - BBM: 2AB07F7E  
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Update: Unlock Samsung S5- S6 - S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE

AT&T, Tmobile US, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Wind, Vodafone (All Countries), Orange (All Countries), O2 (All Countries) , Claro (All Countries), Videotron (Canada), Virgin Mobile, Digitel (All Countries), Etisalat, IUSACELL, Koodo, Lime (All Countres), Mobilicity, Movistar (All Countries), MTN (South Africa), Optus (Australia), SFR, Sasktel, Smartone/Vodafone (Hong Kong), Telcel (Mexico), Tigo, Virgin Mobile UK, Vodacom (S.Africa) . .

Unlock HTC one, HTC one (X,S)   . . . Any HTC by code 
Unlock Samsung Database 1 (models 2013 and older: s3, s4, etc . .1 hour have code )
Unlock Samsung Database 2 (models 2014: SS Note 3, S5, S6, S6 edge, SS Note 4, Note edge . . . 1 hour have code)

Unlock iPhone 4/4s - iPhone 5/5s - iPhone 6 - Plus (Factory unlock from server)

Contact by BBM: 2AB07F7E

Hello everybody! Hey are you sick and tired of buying Unlock codes for 50$+ from a service provider or $10 off of a website your not even sure is legit ? Well I am here and I am going to be unlocking Blackberrys OS7/6/5/4 for a small fee ($1,99), usually i would do it for free , but i am using 100% of the profits for a local Animal Humain orginization !

 in 10 - 30 seconds

Price for code unlock Blackberry OS 7/6/5/4 with old MEP Blackberry 99xx/98xx/97xx/93xx is: $3,99
96xx/95xx/85xx/91xx/8900 /87xx/88xx is: ($1,99)  
 Playbook 4G LTE is ($4,99)

Price for code unlock 99xx/93xx/92xx/9720/9360 . .NEW MEP
MEP 04598-007, MEP 04104-009  . . .
with PRD is: 39473-101, 39472-007 . . .

Please email to:

Price for code unlock BB 10 (Passport - Z10 - Q10 - Q5 - Z30) Please email to:
I will give you best price for unlocking BB 10 

 I can unlock All Blackberry by IMEI [AT&T/Tmobile/Verizon/Rogers/Telus/Bell/Fido/USA/Canada/UK/SFR FRANCE/ORANGE UK/ALL CARRIERS  -> online (24/7)
!UNLOCK YOUR BLACKBERRY: Playbook/P9981/99xx/98xx/97xx/96xx/95xx/85xx/93xx/91xx/8900 /87xx/88xx- ALL MODELS/ALL CARRIERS/

Receive your Unlock Code
 Instantly in 10 - 30 seconds

CONTACT: email:
So if you want to contact me the fastest send me an  email:
i will reply almost instantly ! give or take the time zone . . .

Codes Calculation Request Form:  
You must payment by Paypal and have code (Click buy now and  payment )
 Instantly in 10 - 30 seconds
To unlock your BlackBerry by IMEI and PRD or IMEI and MEP ID is easy by following these steps:
1- Power your BlackBerry Off.
2- Remove battery cover.
3- Remove battery.
4- Look IMEI and  PRD-XXXXX-XXX number in the white label on the back.

So as most companies usually get back to you with in 24 Hours! i will get back to you in 1 Minutes with your unlock code if you provide me with the right information at that time!

I will need your IMEI & Your MEP-ID or PRD. You get your MEP-ID here Find Blackberry MEP code through hidden Engineering Screen | unless you are on OS7 just type the model of your phone (Bold9900,9320,9220, Curve 9360, Torch 9800, 9810, Etc..)

If you need unlock code for Blackberry OS (old mep) with larger quantity, I will supply a monthly package. 
                 +   $55 for a month ( limit   80 code)
                 +   $100 for a month ( limit 200 code)
                 +   $200 for a month ( unlimit)

So if you want to contact me the fastest send me an email: email:
i will reply almost instantly ! give or take the time zone . . .

Support online 24/7: Nick chat yahoo: can add or chat with me for get code online)

I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL! so if your looking to pay with credit card use it through Paypal thank

Thanks everybody!


• MEP_06041_016
• MEP_06041_017
• MEP_09292_009
• MEP_10129_006
• MEP_17568_003
• MEP_04598_006
• MEP_29318_002
• MEP_42490_001
• MEP_04104_008
• MEP_46976_002

• MEP-12209-010
• MEP-11534-009
• MEP-40488-004
• MEP_09292_007
• MEP_11534_010
• MEP_14896_006
• MEP_27501_001

Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Aircel, Idea Cellular, Reliance, TATA, MTNL, Loop Mobile

AT&T- Tmobile US - Verizon- Spirnt (USA)

Rogers - Telus - Bell - Fido - Koodo(Canada) - Virgin Mobile (Canada) -MTS (Canada) -Videotron (Canada) - Wind (Canada)

ORANGE UK - 3 Hutchison (UK) - Vodafone (UK) - MM O2 UK - Virgin Mobile (UK) -Tmobile UK - Orange_Global - Orange Mobistar - T-Mobile Montenegro

SFR FRANCE - Optus (Australia) - Vodacom (S.Africa) - Vodafone (Hong Kong) - Vodafone (Ireland) - Vodafone (Egypt) - Vodafone (Spain) - Vodafone Sweden- Vodafone Austria - Telstra - Vodafone_Portugal - Vodafone_Denmark_(TDC) - Vodafone Turkey - BT Italy

TIM_Greece - TMobile Slovakia - TIM - T-Mobile_CZ - T-Mobile Poland ERA - TIM_Argentina - Movistar - Mobinil (Egypt) - Voda_Luxembourg

Russia MTS (Россия МТС) - Russia Beeline (Россия Билайн) VimpelCom

Claro (All Countries) - Digicel (All Countries) - Lime (All Countres) - Starhub - Swisscom

Etisalat- Globe (Philippines) - Indosat - Credo Mobile - TSTT Trinidad and Tobago - XL_INDONESIA

IUSACELL (Mexico) - Telcel (Mexico) - Tigo - Mobilicity - MTN (South Africa) - Sasktel - Smartone -BWA (Aliant/Sasktel) - AMX Colombia Comcel - Telefonica_Venezuela - Telefonica Morocco - Wireless Cable TSTT

IRL/NL / Starhub/ Swisscom - Cincinnati Bell - Telefonica_LAM - Bharti - BT_Mobile - Earthlink - E-Plus - Dobson - Triton - Maxis - Telkomsel - Mobilink - CBeyond - Hawaiian Telcom

SingTel - MobileOne_(Voda_Singapore) - China_Mobile - DoCoMo - Alcatel Shanghai Bell - Taiwan Mobile

. . . . ALL CARRIERS] -> online (24/7)


How do I know my phone is locked?

1.Go to Options > Advanced> Sim Card
2.Type MEPD and a screen will appear.
3.If securities are "Active", then it is locked

How to unlock your phone with your Mep Code?

Unlock Instruction for Blackberry BBZ10,Bold 9900,9930,9920,9930 9800, 9810, 9860,9790, 9780,9700, 8520, 8800, BlackBerry Curve, Storm, Tour . . . .

You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps ( Can be active or inactive )

1.Go to Settings Menu => and then Options
2.Select Advanced options => and then Sim Card
3.Type MEPD using your Blackberry keyboard (NOTE: You will not see any text appear on the screen while typing MEPD)
4.Type MEP then [ALT BUTTON] then 2 on your Blackberry keyboard (NOTE: You will not see any text appear on the screen while typing MEP2)
5.You should be presented with a prompt "Enter Network MEP Code".
6.Enter the Unlock Code
7.Press Enter (You can use the track ball as well)
8.Device is now unlocked

*Some phones will be locked with either MEP2 or MEP4 or both. You will recieve both codes if this is the case. Repeat step 4, please type MEP then [ALT BUTTON] then 4 and enter the MEP4 code.

Hot update  2013 :
•The Network can unlock mep-11534-010

Update! The network can unlock:
 Alfonso (Spain)

Update! the Network can unlock:
 Movilnet (Venezuela)

If any one need code unlock BB 10, please contact to me:

Hot update  2013/2014 with best price for unlocking world wide :
The Network - Model can unlock
Blackberry Z10-Q10 - Z30- Q5 

Our Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 permanent official factory unlock network process is safe, easy to use, simple and 100% guaranteed to unlock your Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30! This is the same method Networks and Carriers will use and charge you much more money to unlock your Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30. Once you receive our Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 unlock code and easy to follow instructions, yourQ10, Z10, Q5, Z30 will be unlocked within 5 minutes and be using a SIM card of your choice!

All our Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 unlocks are guaranteed to work, or your money back. No quibbles, no questions, no hassle.

Quickest Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 permanent official factory unlock guaranteed.

Easily switch Sim cards between GSM Carriers using the same phone

Our Automated system will E-Mail you the Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 unlock codes when ready

If you are travelling, buy a local SIM card and save on roaming fees

Unlock Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 device from the comfort of your own home fast and easy

No complicated rooting,software, or cables required to unlock Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30

Simply enter the Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 remote unlock code we e-mail you

There is absolutely no risk of damaging your Blackberry Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 by unlocking it.


1.BB Z10-Q10-Q5-Z30 (United Kingdom):

EE (UK) Orange UK




Tesco Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Carphone Warehouse


 2.BB Z10-Q10-Q5-Z30 Canada
Koodo and Mobilicity

3.BB Z10-Q10-Q5-Z30 United States

4.BB Z10-Q10-Q5-Z30 France: 
Bouygues Telecom , Orange - Mobile Shop, SFR, Virgin France

5.Z10-Q10-Q5-Z30 Australia:
Telstra -

Orange Poland
Bell Mobility

Saudi arabia:

Vodafone ( Netherlands)
Aircel (India) . . . .

Update !
ALL MODELS/ALL CARRIERS (AT&T - Tmobile US - Rogers- Telus - Bell  . . .)

HTC one, HTC one X   . . .

Samsung Database 1 (models 2013 and older: s3, s4, etc..) (1 Hours)

Samsung Database 2 (models 2014: SS Note 3, S5) (1 Hours)

Video Android 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you can see in the end of page.

How to update your Blackberry 10 by Blizt:

This is a 'Blitz'  will upgrade your phone to OS 10.3.1.XXX + Radio 10.3.1.XXX + All apps. This package uses only updated apps over 800.

Blitz files require: Sachesi 2.0.0 (Windows, Linux or OSX)
Blitz file: You must download in you PC, Laptop  (Z3, Z10 -2/3/4, P9982, Q5, Q10, P9983, Z30) (file size 1.51GB only has changed files)

After downloading the above files, follow these instructions:
1. Run Sachesi 2.0.0
2. Open the Install tab
3. Connect your device and get to the screen that shows your currently installed applications.
4. Drag the on to the Install tab.

It should then extract and install to your device. Good luck

BlackBerry officially joined the social network Instagram. Read and download here

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New Trade-Up Program for Apple iPhone Users - You can see here

BES12 makes it even easier to activate a Windows Phone on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server network - download and active here


iPad Air Plus can be released in the spring of 2015. Owns 12.2 inch screen and and the latest generation A9 chip. More . . .

Red BlackBerry Passport on store in Amazon You can see here
Black Friday for you here in Amazon

Using BlackBerry Blend: BlackBerry Passport - Official How To use

BES 10 Hosted wins Enterprice Servicer of the Year in Best in Biz Awards you can see here   . . .

Galaxy S6 (SM-G925F) shows up on AnTuTu. See pictures and specs here  

How Strong Is Your iPhone Signal? Find Out Now! [No Jailbreak Required] you can see here and do it now

Congratulations for who use HTC smart phone. Windows Phone 8.1 expected to come this month to the HTC 8XT. You see here



This Stunning Short Film Was Shot And Edited Entirely On An iPhone 6. You see here

Video Samsung use Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) receives Android 5.0 Lollipop update.  Download OS here :

Congratulations for who use iPhone – iPad – iPod. Download iOS 8.1.2 Links here

Brick Breaker is coming back to BlackBerry on the Classic. You can see video here:



BlackBerry Classic Specs . . You see online here

Video official BlackBerry Classic Keyboard Shortcuts Video Android 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you can see in the end of page. Thanks

Exclusive Preview: Android 5.0.1 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Galaxy S5 LTE-A. You can see here

7 innovative features built inside the Snapdragon 810 64-bit processor. You can see here

You can buy BlackBerry Classic online in US, CA and Singapore here

BlackBerry Rio ‘Z20′ Specs . . you see here

Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks claim 5.5-inch screen, all aluminum body and Specs . . you can see more here


LG prepping new G Flex 2 in CES 2015. You can see more here


<![endif]-->Google Play Store for Blackberry 10 (supports buying and downloading) you can download 03 file and do it your selft . See here  

Google Play Store 5.1.11 (buy/download/refund)

Google Login 4.3 

Blackberry Google ID 1.2

 How to install:

  • Install Google Login and then add a 3rd party Google account in Blackberry settings. Do NOT try to start the Google Account app and do NOT login from there as this doesn't work (you'll get a server error).
  • Install Blackberry Google ID and then do a checkin
  • Install Google Play Store
Open Google Play Store, browse your app and press the install button to download. If it is a paid app, you can directly buy and then download it. You can even get a refund if you don't like the app.

Crackberry community member Agentjucey1 made a great video that explains the installation process, including how to set up a Google two factor authentification password for the Blackberry Google ID app. Thanks buddy for your contribution!.
  CES 2015- This is Samsung's grand vision for the Internet of Thing. You can see here 
<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Keyboard and Typing: BlackBerry Classic - Official video. You can see here


BlackBerry Classic (Pre-Order) here

CES 2015-BlackBerry Classic and exclusive Passport confirmed for AT&T and Passport for AT&T isn't quite so square.You can see here
Pre- order your Rogers Blackberry Classic in Canada here
Pre- order your White blackberry passpost in Canada here
Pre- order your White blackberry passpost in UK here

  Video about blackberry blend. You can see here:


  Google’s Project Ara Configurator app: here’s how you make your modular phone. 

You can see video here:

Android 5.0.2 images arrive for 2013 Nexus 7 (WiFi), Nexus 10 - Download here


(Rumor) BlackBerry 10.3.1 is coming will release the official version for global at 27/01/2015. You can see and download here


Samsung Galaxy S6 to pack a 20MP camera with OIS. You see here

Windows 10: The next chapter. You can watch online here


CES 2015 - Nick Cannon loves using the BlackBerry Passport.
You can see video here:

The 6-inch, Quad HD Vibe Max could be Lenovo's first Android handset to feature a stylus pen. You can see here

5 Android apps ( Word, Excel, and Powerpoint . . .) you shouldn’t miss this week. You can download here 

Galaxy S6 Edge now pictured. You can see here

Breaking News:


Image of older Samsung Galaxy S6 prototypes leak. You see specs here

BlackBerry Enterprise Wins Mobile Star Awards. You see here


VAIO smartphone launched tomorrow 12/3. You can see video, picture and specs here: (A 64-bit Snapdragon 410 chipset will be coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage. The 5-inch screen will sport 720p resolution and a 13MP/5MP camera combo will be there to meet photography needs)

Update here

IMASD Click-ARM One (Tablet docking module, the price of 314 USD) you can see video and register here:


VAIO smartphone launched tomorrow 12/3. You can see video, picture and specs here: (A 64-bit Snapdragon 410 chipset will be coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage. The 5-inch screen will sport 720p resolution and a 13MP/5MP camera combo will be there to meet photography needs)

Update here

IMASD Click-ARM One (Tablet docking module, the price of 314 USD) you can see video and register here:

Full Image Of The BlackBerry P'9984.  You can see specs here


  • 4.5" 1440x1440 LCD Screen
  • 13MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front
  • OS 10.3.2
  • Leather Backing 
  • BPhone - You can see pictures in this link and specs here


    Congratulations . Microsoft To Launch New Windows 10 Devices On Oct 6th. You can see in this link

    Everything Galaxy Unpacked 2015. You can see here

     Microsoft officially launched Word , Excel , PowerPoint for Android phones. You can see and download here

    Galaxy S6 Plus launch expected in the coming week. You can see specs here

    Computex focus shifts from PCs to wearables, IoT. You can see here

    Hang on blackberry BlackBerry LEAP - Video and picture you can see here:

    Microsoft 's idea of life of human technology in the near future. You can see here: